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tharn ([personal profile] tharn) wrote2010-11-09 09:42 am

sketchavember 05

my life is spent either staying up till or waking at 4am. net overall sleep = 0 hrs

jude for stacey

Ridcully the Brown, after Repin's Archdeacon.

Mustrum Ridcully x Esmeralda Weatherwax OTP FTW

jerrold, who is the kind of idiot who will glue a facial toupee/ fake goatee to his face in the hopes that it will make him look older. (no ,it does not, it just makes you look like a rat). People(i.e, ade and kiel) spend time amusing themselves by ripping it off his face at inopportune moments, usually when he's trying to impress girls

more sketches i will never finish.. which one shd i not finish first? a) or b)?